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Why Do I Need to Change My Furnace Filter?

Posted by Joey Haack on Oct 18, 2017 2:44:00 PM | Updated on 01/12/21 2:12 PM


With the winter months soon approaching, it’s worth taking the time to ensure you’re getting the most out of your furnace. By changing your furnace's filter at the recommended intervals, you can reap numerous benefits, including better health and a lower energy bill. Today, we'll look at the top benefits of changing your furnace filter and how often it should be done.

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Protect Your Health

A furnace’s filter can protect you from smoke, dust, and other harmful allergens like mold spores. You want to change your filter regularly so it has the capacity to trap these harmful particles before they enter your home or lungs. If a filter fails to do its job, it can lead to breathing problems, which is especially dangerous for those with asthma.


Protect Your Furnace

Your filter also works to protect your furnace. A filter that’s full of debris could decrease airflow and force your system to work harder.  This may cause your furnace to turn on and off more frequently, which uses more energy and can increase your bills. If air is unable to leave the furnace and travel into your living spaces, it can cause serious damage that could be costly to repair. Changing your filter and maintaining your furnace is a much less expensive alternative.


Save Money

A clogged filter can prevent warm air from filling your home this fall or winter, forcing you to turn up the temperature on your thermostat to feel comfortable. Over time, this will lead to higher energy bills, despite the decreased performance. To ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for, change the filter regularly so you always always get the optimal amount of heat flowing through your home.


How often should I change my furnace filter?

If your furnace uses a smaller, one- or two-inch filter, you may want to change it monthly for the best results. If you rarely use your furnace, you may be able to get away with bimonthly replacements. For larger filters, you can typically replace them at two- or three-month intervals, depending on usage. The larger filters have more space to absorb dust and debris, and this allows them to work longer than the smaller ones.

Your usage plays a large part in how often you should replace your filter. If you’re always turning on the heat, you’ll have to replace it more often. If you use it more sparingly, you may be able to change it less often. 

There are some other factors that may require you to change your filter more often. Pets, tobacco smoke, and an abundance of dust can more quickly lead to clogged filters. If you suffer from allergies, you may also wish to change the filter more frequently.


Your Local Heating and Cooling Company

If you’re unsure how to change the filter or don't know what type to replace it with, you can contact your local HVAC contractors for heating services today. Pacific is located in Aspen, Colorado, and we have been servicing happy homes and businesses in the Roaring Fork Valley for years now.

We can help you prepare your furnace for the chilly winter months with an annual inspection and tune up. We’re also available to assist with emergency services from repairs to installations so you always stay comfortable in any season. Contact us today to keep your furnace going strong for as long as possible!


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