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Benefits of Working as an HVAC Technician

Posted by Joey Haack on Feb 3, 2023 2:00:00 PM | Updated on 02/03/23 5:00 PM

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When you are out of heat on a cold, winter day, or your air conditioner stops working in 90-degree weather, a trusted HVAC technician is most likely your first call. These skilled professionals install, maintain, and repair systems that make our lives much more comfortable. If you’re thinking about beginning a new career, HVAC work has many advantages. Not only are you tangibly helping people every day, but the work also offers variety and ample room for growth and professional advancement.


Benefits of Being an HVAC Tech nician at Pacific

Here at Pacific, we appreciate our techs and aim to give them the support they need to ensure we’re giving our clients the best possible service. HVAC technicians at Pacific have numerous benefits they can take advantage of every day.


Great Pay, Flexible Schedule

HVAC technicians need to be incredibly knowledgeable and pay close attention to detail in their work. As a result, we pay our technicians well from the day they begin work at Pacific. We also provide a flexible work schedule and a company vehicle for travel to job sites, preventing excess wear and tear on our employees’ personal vehicles.


Ongoing Professional Support

We support our HVAC techs throughout the day. We hold brief daily meetings to address any questions or concerns they may have and help with troubleshooting support in the field with tools like Xoi as well as the support of other experienced and knowledgeable team members. With the Pacific team behind you, you’ll quickly gain the knowledge and skills you need to provide excellent service.


Building an HVAC Career

Many people who want to begin an HVAC career enroll in a program through a college or trade school, which can take a couple years to complete. While this works for some, not everyone can afford a higher education. To make this career option available to as many interested people as possible, businesses like Pacific offer technicians paid on-the-job training.

This type of training allows new employees to earn a living while learning the trade. Held to the same standards required to attain certifications and licensing, on-the-job trainees get the added benefit of troubleshooting real problems for real customers. When new HVAC technicians get to interact with customers while training, they quickly gain the experience they need to complete work on their own and develop customer service skills. Both these hard and soft skills are critical for the reliable and trustworthy service Pacific is committed to providing.

There are also many areas of HVAC work at Pacific that allow for advancement or movement within the job. After you’ve gained experience as an HVAC technician, you can work your way up to an HVAC service technician supervisor role, or you can narrow your focus by moving to an installer position. Your future is up to you!


Workplace Culture 

Benefits, pay, training, and flexibility are essential for a great job, but so is company culture. Pacific employees are part of a company that truly cares about their success and puts in the effort to get them there. We’re always striving to grow and better serve our clientele, and building trust with our customers is an important aspect of our business. Whether it is installing a new system or performing annual maintenance, we strive to provide quality, reliable service each and every time our customers call. Supporting our employees’ success is an essential part of meeting this goal.


For more information on beginning a career at Pacific, check out our employment page.


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