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Top 10 Heating Tips for Fall

Posted by Joey Haack on Sep 21, 2017 12:19:00 PM


The transition from summer to fall can be a magical time. With orange leaves scattering the streets and hot chocolate appearing on the menu, fall can be a great time to get cozy and relax. However, comfort can also be pricey if you don't keep your heating system in check. With these 10 tips, you’ll be able to efficiently heat your home this fall and winter without insane costs or difficulty!

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1. Seal Air Leaks

If air is leaking into your home, you’ll be forced to turn up the heat as the winds get stronger. Before fall fully arrives, you can check for any sources of air leaks with a few simple steps. First, visually inspect windows, doors, and other openings both inside and outside of your house. If a window has a gap between the glass pane and frame, you can fix it by installing a better fitting pane, renovating the frame, or adding new insulated drapes.

To find more obscure leaks, turn off all heating and air conditioning along with any stoves or fans. Close your windows and doors, and then light some incense to see where the smoke drifts. If you notice that it’s moving towards the corner of your door, you can safely assume that you’ve found one source of leakage. Depending on the leak and its location, you can either use some caulk to fix it yourself or call a local repair person to deal with more difficult issues.


2. Utilize Your Fireplace

Always close your fireplace’s damper to prevent warm air from escaping and cold air from coming inside. When enjoying a fire, make sure to adjust your thermostat so you aren’t wasting money on unnecessary heating. Depending on your home’s layout and number of occupants, a good fire is likely enough to keep you warm throughout the evening. 


3. Be Patient While Heating

When you walk into your home and it’s a bit chilly, remember you can always keep your sweater on for a few extra minutes. People often turn the heat up way too high when they enter, but your home will heat up at the same rate regardless of the temperature you set. Being patient will save you a lot of energy throughout the season, and it will help you find your ideal temperature sooner so you don’t have to constantly adjust with your thermostat.


4. Welcome the Sun

When the sun shines, let it inside! Open any blinds that face the sun during the day to naturally add heat to your home. In the evening, close the blinds to keep the warmth inside.


5. Increase Comfort with a Humidifier

A humidifier will moisten the air in your home, which can have numerous benefits when the weather gets colder. For starters, it can make your home feel warmer without having to raise the temperature. Plus, it can help to prevent some common fall ailments like chapped lips, dry noses, and scratchy throats. You can even add essential oils like spearmint or lavender.


6. Replace Old Filters

Replace any old filters in your heating system to ensure you’re getting the right amount of heat into your home. An old and worn out filter may reduce airflow during heating, which can cause you to crank up the thermostat. It's also important to replace your filters regularly to keep your indoor air clean. Most filters can be replaced easily, but a local heating and cooling company can quickly assist you if your heating system is out of reach or uses unrecognizable filters.


7. Lower the Temp When You Leave

You don’t have to turn your heat off completely when you leave the house, but you can dial it down a bit for some savings. Lowering your home’s temperature by 10 degrees can save you roughly 10% on your next energy bill.


8. Blankets, Slippers, and Warm Drinks

There’s nothing better than relaxing indoors with a soft blanket and warm drink during a cool Coloradan fall. It's not just comfy; it can help you reduce your heating bills! By snuggling up, you’ll be less likely to blast the heat during fall evenings. 


9. Smart Thermostats

The latest thermostats, from brands like Lennox, connect to your smartphone and can go into energy-saving mode when you leave your house. Since they are connected to the internet, smart thermostats can keep your house at a scientifically calculated comfortable level. Plus, the simplified touchscreens make controlling your home's temperature easier than ever!


10. Regular Maintenance

One of the best ways to ensure a cozy fall is by keeping your home in check throughout the year. Whether it's time to upgrade your system, replace an old part, or inspect how everything's operating, your local HVAC technicians are ready to help!

Pacific proudly services residential homes and commercial businesses throughout Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can stay comfortable this fall by calling us today!


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